An Interview with Ødyssee

ØDYSSEE’s sound creates a universe all of its own. With each album, he builds another fresh, new world. If you let him, he’ll deliver to you a complete journey that’s textured with emotion.

In this interview, he’ll introduce you to his vision – if you have yet to arrive.


Tell me a bit about your background in music – How long have you been creating?

I started piano and theory at 6 at Normandy Music Conservatory for about 9 years. After that, I played some blues and funk guitar with friends in high school and in architecture school for like 3-4 years. In 2014 bought my own Mpc saying, “Hey, you can do everything by yourself!” So, I did it and learned how to produce every night till today.


When I listen to your music, I imagine a dream-like state where the only thing that matters is a good soundtrack and my thoughts. It’s refreshing when artists have a vision of where they want their music to take the listener. Do you leave that up to the interpretation of the listener or are you trying to build a bigger journey?

I can’t imagine music without colors. I always imagine music with universes. It’s important for me to project my music and myself in special worlds. You can imagine a song watching a painting, you can also imagine a painting listening to music… Music is also an image. I take care to lead the listener in those universes… Sometimes I leave that up to the listener’s interpretation, but, mostly, I already got a vision of which ambiances I want to give. If I had time I would draw short animated films to go with my music, but I need a clone though!


Who’s an artist you’d like to collaborate with?

I would say Kiefer, he’s out of the game. His piano playing is a real refreshing [Robert] Glasper vibe. It’s so good to have a real jazz pianist in the beat scene.


What are you looking for when you’re choosing the perfect sample?

Hmmm good question… when I dig, most of the time I search special textures or anything that makes me feel an emotion. It could be a chord, a noise or a percussion. I love to find unusual sounds too or specific harmonic ranges, I’m always curious to hear how the world sounds.


What’s the strangest sound that you’ve ever sampled and how did you make it fit the song?

The strangest sound that I’ve ever sampled was in my Zenith track, an old strange brass sample I found. I thought it sounded really strange… I decided to stretch it and micro-sample it to extract and exploit its texture. You can hear it on SoundCloud.


When you’re not creating music what are you listening to?

When I’m not making music I listen to Jazz masters, pianists, vibraphonists, chamber music, old boombap and rap tracks and more recently ambient music. I would say Oscar Peterson, Chick Corea, Grap luva and Boards of Canada to name few of them.


What are some songs that have changed your life?

I’ll share 3 albums I like! Trio Night Train by Oscar Peterson, Romantic Warrior by Return to Forever and Chick Corea and Lost Sessions by Pete Rock.

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