Nice Colors – Khai Dreams & Atwood

Nice Colors, a collaborative EP from Khai Dreams and Atwood, is a voyage into the sounds of summer. Warm, catchy vocals and punchy, sparkling production fill the project with positive emotion. Perfect for relaxing in the sun, taking a bike ride, or swimming by the ocean, this tape complements the feelings of summer. Furthermore, Nice Colors marks a milestone in these artists’ careers; it will likely be remembered for years to come.

Khai Dreams is the strongest vocalist he’s ever been. Delivering quality across a variety of styles, the Eugene, Oregon artist brings a multi-genre appeal. With smooth R&B melodies and confident hip-hop flows throughout the tape, Khai proves his versatility. The R&B hook on “Find My Way” feels like a warm breeze on a summer’s day. The rap flows on the title track, “Nice Colors”, provide a confidence-inspiring energy. The aptitude of his performances on this project seem to ensure a promising career ahead.

Atwood as well delivers some of his best work to date. His vocals are consistent, from his playful performance on “Sunshine” to his laid back, delivery on the title track, “Nice Colors”. Atwood showcases his talents as both a rapper and a singer. “Travels” proves the Houston artists unmatched vocal agility. Atwood is unmistakably one of the strongest rappers out today.

Biskwiq and Wizard Island showcase their strongest production yet. Hard hitters such as “All I Need” may remind you of Chicago hip-hop (Towkio’s “Heaven Only Knows” comes to mind). Others yet such as “Sunshine” work off a playful, ukulele-based sound. The late album track, “Questions”, blends many of the best qualities of the project — with gorgeous guitars, punchy drums, and twinkling ukuleles dispersed throughout. This tape’s production is some of the best out today. Both familiar and inventive, its appeal is universal.

Nice Colors is a bright start for this young group of artists. Khai and Atwood display an unlikely chemistry, bouncing flows back and forth not unlike Drake & Future on “What a Time to be Alive”. Production from Biskwiq and Wizard Island compliments this ever the more. For these artists, we see the seeds of a promising future; Nice Colors is only the beginning.

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